& bring on the backlash! (amplifiedstatic) wrote in getdowngirls,
& bring on the backlash!

it might be the lighting, but- [standalone]

title: it might be the lighting, but-

rating: r (swearing)

pairing: greta salpeter/maja ivarsson

summary: ~1, 300 words. It isn’t that Greta doesn’t try – it’s just that Maja’s heart doesn’t exactly miss a beat either way.

a/n: for bethanyboogie . okay, i'm officially going to stop referring to it as a drabble request post because the lengths of these things are getting embarrassing compared to the expected a hundred something words. /o\ my first femmeslash. i hope you enjoy it! ♥ cut lyrics courtesy of the sounds.

oh no, have you ever felt lonely?

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darling the cut lyrics don't have a link to them.
fixed. :)

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fixed! sorry about that, you know lj.